Shadowrun: Frangible Reputation

A gun of explosions

Clearly gripping the attention of his collected animal friends, Tatanka continued his tale.
“Down the tunnel and stream we were in a familiar place of water and rock and wood. The pirate’s cove was home to many watering holes so we walked the street, hoping to find any survivors of the Murphy’s massacre. Instead we found a friendly man who offered us very still water. I liked it.
“The man told us that finding Joon-Yah would not be easy but that a friend of his might be able to help. A friend of a friend is also a friend… I think, so we followed the snakewater man’s direction to another grim house of lights and noise. This new man, much less friendly, offered us more wisdom if we helped him with three tasks. Firstly he wished us to protect his caravan of goods from bandits called Halloweeners. We were unsure but agreed.

“Early the following morning we rode out with the caravan and just as expected we were ambushed. The small one had offered me his great automatic rifle and, after many years practicing my accuracy aloft the roof of trains, I fired the bow from the open doors of the little one’s van. The bow roared with fire and the earth shook as a force like the great Ghost Dance itself tore the bandits asunder. Those that survived were unhappy and as one who could touch the spirits tried to distract us I quickly spoke the words to the winds to stop him. Their metal birds did not like this and once again I was winded and tired by their gunfire. As my friends protected me in my exhaustion, the last of the bandits fell. We repaired the caravan and saw it to its destination.

“The second task was to deliver food and medicine supplies ourselves by wagon and bicycle through the winding depths of the Underground. The supplies went to children in need and we all felt very proud.



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