Shadowrun: Frangible Reputation

Another view

And there it is, the noise that has taught me to cringe over the last few weeks, and just as I finally managed to fall asleep too. I open the new message on my com-link and my fears are realised. Well, it’s from the big one, so at least it’ll be an interesting read. Well he tried to put in English, at least up until the point it got stuck on emoticon mode…. Oh, a map with a smiley face on one of the buildings, guess that’s a start.

I roll out of bed; a sudden sharp pain pierces my side. A reminder of what these people have put me through in the last week. I guess this is why parents tell kids to stay away from “the wrong crowd”. At least these jobs pay well, so it’s not all bad. Just.

I ride up to the indicated building, noticing a collection of all too familiar vehicles out the front. Looks like everyone is here, how unfortunate. The briefing starts, seems like a simple enough job. Evacuate a mage from the building next door. My kind of work, I don’t even need these other idiots, but at least they’ll make good flak.

After some arguing, we have a “plan”, at least comparatively to what has happened previously. I wonder how long until they fuck it up. We’re going rope across from our building to theirs, take over the security, and I’m going to walk out the front door with the mark. The German easily takes the guard on the balcony down and then it’s my turn. As the rest of my companions are too fat to be held up by the grapple line, I get to swing across with a second rope, hopefully steel reinforced.

Everyone made it across with no deaths, I guess this is what you call progress. The Dwarf seems to be doing his job, and security is ours. Time to do some real work. Slipping into and around the presentation is easy enough. I explain to security that I’ve come for the kid, hope the dwarf can think on his feet. Seems everything went well, even convinced the guard to get the kid’s stuff for me.

Idiots giving a speech and won’t shut up. If this keeps up he won’t make it out of here alive. Finally he’s stopped, but seeing me puts him on edge. Not that I care, I just want to get out of here. I take him to the elevators, but something is happening in the matrix. Looks like we’re losing control of security, so it’s now or never I suppose.

Long elevator ride, wonder what the others are doing. Of course they’re having a gun fight on the side of a mega-corp building, anything else might be considered “professional” or “boring”. Works for me, they’re a distraction anyway. I causally walk out the front door, kid in tow. Nobody questions me, this is too easy. Morons have a crowd now, but Patty does a good job at clearing them away. It’s amazing how someone can be the cause and solution to so many problems. Anyway, looks like we’re off to his boat, which I can only assume is either upside down or a canoe.



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