Shadowrun: Frangible Reputation

A thoughtful gift

Tatanka was unsure how much longer he could tell his tale in the waning light. He would need to extinguish his fire soon, lest the embassy’s roving security find his home in this secluded grove. So he pressed on,

“The man with Italian ancestors who ran the den of lights and sound could not meet us to deliver his final task. The one who spoke for him explained that a group of outlaws had been harming the innocent and taking treasures at a local marketplace. Their own lawmen could not be found, so it fell to us to stop the outlaws for good.

“We went to the place of trade and spoke to the people. Many tusked faces like mine were there and yet they did not follow my words. My friends gathered wisdom and a plan to stop the outlaws, but as they did so the outlaws arrived. My friends told me not to stop them, even as they took treasures from the innocent, but one of the outlaws, the biggest and angriest, spoke to me. He asked me who I served, whose lands I called home, and I told him. He asked for my treasures and I shared only what I could of my prized talismans and medicine. This infuriated the outlaw leader who went for his weapon. But he could not find it, instead seeing my friend of polished leather as she disappeared into the crowd. But my friend is good at being invisible and no amount of violence by the outlaws could make her seen again. As the outlaws got more angry, my small friend cleverly whispered to their ears that the unseen one had been caught and taken to the outlaw village. Cleverer still my friends used metal insects and calling boxes to track the leader back to his village.
“It was here that my friends gave me an important task. To deliver a gift to the house the outlaws lived in. They promised it was a surprise and that it would bring justice to these criminals. Relieved I would not deliver death to these men, I quickly and quietly placed the gift where I was asked and as we left the earth shook with such great force that I can only assume every sheriff and lawman in the city had come to collect them.

“Finally we met the one with Italian ancestors again. For doing so well he revealed to us that all along he had been the Joon-Yah we had been searching for. But before we would take him to the sheriff, he told us his own story, and explained how all that he had done was good, that he fought outlaws and protected the innocent and that the stories of his evil were not truth. What we had seen was true to his story, so we let him go free, telling the sheriff that the evil Joon-Yah she sought did not exist.

“She was not pleased, but Joon-Yah gave us many treasures, and we swelled with the good deeds on our hearts. Now return to your dens, city creatures, and I will tell you more tales tomorrow.”
Tatanka scooped a great handful of earth and doused the fire.



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