Shadowrun: Frangible Reputation

Extreme sports

13:01 >Recieve ancient, completely unencrypted message from that big native idiot Bison.
>Apparently one of his equally dim contacts has got him a job and he’s offered me a slice. I guess I made an impression. Clack a few imaginary buttons in the air, make the lights dim a bit and suddenly he’s like a four year old at a magic show.
>I need the money and if he called up the same guys then at least I’ll get lost amongst the memorable faces.
>It is my preference.

19:50 >Got held up running a particularly tough raid.
>Arrived atop one of the taller Seattle buildings. Seems the brief already started. Something about extracting a some corp mage from a big party in a building across the road.
>Runners are bickering about how to get down there, like the don’t know basic math. Probably don’t. Calculated the descent angle and the equipment will do.
>Subtle as a hot sim, runners use drones to knock out the chef or whatever and kill the cams. We get over there to suss out the party.
>We’ve got a pic, but even so it’s like looking for a line of code in the matrix in there. So I switch over and work my way into security.
>Takes a couple of tries but I get admin control and use the interior cams to find our guy.
>Spot him inside and the runners finally hatch a plan.
>I put in a security order about one of their higher ups coming to collect him. Takes a bit of guile but it gets done.
>Phae sneaks in and then saunters, all corp like, to our boy, intercepting him from the stage.
>She runs her line and escorts him to the elevators.
>Admin Sec bot arrives and tries to lock me down. I fire off a few commands, keeping the door open for Phae. She makes it and I disco.
>Back with the nutbags, we’re doing the cliffhanger thing down the side of the building, me leading while strapped to the sweaty indian moron.
>Rifle fire high above, probably security on the roof. Runners do the best, probably cop some fire, I dunno.
>Me and the lug get to the ground, threaten some screaming people, pop the jammer a few more times and hop in the German’s van.
>The others get down, a bit bloody, and we rocket out of there after Phae and the money, to hole up and wait for the Johnson.



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