Shadowrun: Frangible Reputation

High-class outings

Free time isn’t free. It costs. Even if all you are doing is lying around dreaming of your next job, the total nuyen of your net assets is slowly going down. However you spend your free time, visiting your mother, practicing shooting people in the face, or whining about Johnsons on your favorite shadowboard, you’re interrupted with a notification alert, the elegant icon of Laurent Nazaire sealing the message to your privacy keys only.

“Hoi, mes amis. As requested, I have done all I can to reduce the rather large shadow your crew has left in Seattle of late. However even a miracle-man such as I has limitations; you’ll need to get out of town for at least a month. Your sins are too great for even the best of SINs to bear, aha. The good news is that I have arranged an opportunity to do just that. If you are available, please meet me at the Seattle Yacht Club, 9PM tonight.”



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