Shadowrun: Frangible Reputation

Hounds from Hell

How long has it been now? Five days? Six? Maybe it’s only been Two. Sometimes a day can feel like a week, and a week like an hour. I need to sleep, but there’s more work. I don’t remember or care why we’re doing this, just that I want to be paid, and data retrieval seems simple enough.

Seems like no one is in a hurry to start. I’d try to sleep, but it’s not even worth the effort. Weapon shopping should give me all the relaxation I need. The rest of the team seems to agree this is a good idea too. Tatanka still has that kid, maybe I should buy him something for it? Like a leash?

Before I realise it I’m out on the road. At least the freezing air will keep me awake; it’d be almost refreshing if it didn’t hurt so much. Concentrate on the road… one mistake in these conditions and it’s over… Wait, what’s that? Techincals. Full of human purists. What a waste of time, hopefully the others are smart enough to just ignore them.

So Patty did not ignore them. He threw his beloved lubricant all over the road and caused an admittedly spectacular accident. At least it was quick and clean. I think I will always admire Patty’s creativity when it comes to destroying things.

Looks like this is the place. Pretty nondescript, just a standard ruined building I’ve come to expect. Guess the front door is as good as any.

It’s amazing how one simple, sleep deprived mistake can nearly kill you. The Hellhounds in the building did not appreciate our entering. Luckily we could escape and seal the building before we where left to be forgotten in this shithole. Roof seems like a better place to start, maybe we can pick the hounds off safely.

The quiet one seems to agree and makes a show of getting up there. No one seems to even notice him. He is real, right? No time for that. Grapplegun lands true as ever and off I go. Wait, who’s that? Fantasy Elf? The fuck is going on? Well he better answer quickly because I’m in no mood to have my time wasted…..



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