Shadowrun: Frangible Reputation

Specter Crocodile

The_Goblin_King: Update from my nephew. All reports about these guys are accurate. They’ve got no idea what they’re doing and they’re crazy as hell. He led them around in circles in the underground for ages, and when they were starting to cotton on they threatened to kill him unless he took them where they wanted. Whether or not he knew how to get there, he warned them against Ghost Gator’s gateway. No idea where that goes, but those fools got it into their heads it was a shortcut and dragged my nephew down there. They wandered around for another while and the last thing my nephew saw before he booked it was a giant albino gator landing on the troll and trying to bite his head off. They have to be dead.

GhostGatorChaser: It lives! All my years of searching! @The_Goblin_King, message me privately if you want some nuyen for any evidence your nephew might have found.
Undaworlda: Yo I’ve seen ghost gator too y’know? I flushed him when he was the size of my finger!
Hubcapz: Pretty sure I dated a guy who used ghost gator as a nickname. He had a fuckton of piercings down there.

TwoHalfPints: Oh, your runners aint dead. I regularly serve beers to a bunch of dockjockeys from the “ork underground area” who swear sideways they met at least three of those clowns. Apparently the dwarfAR and elf suit squeezed a colleague for whereabouts of Jack Turner, if you can believe it. When they found out where they just moseyed off. And the troll the kid said was mauled by a gator? Barely a scratch on him.

Undaworlda: Yeah, Ghost Gator aint shit.

TwoHalfPints: Alright heads up people there was an explosion just down the road from where I work. Some labourers I know came running past, described your Shadowrunners setting off an alarm at some factory then blowing a wall open, killing a bunch of workers and drones and then snatching a couple of folks and bailing into the night. No idea who they nabbed but these guys really are crazy.

Illuminutty: These Runners work with the Fuzz! Just hit up my source again, barely even had to bribe ’em they were so pissed. Apparently one of their fellow badges just picked up a career maker who was tied up in his boat not far from the factor-




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