Phae Avison

Dryad Face-stabber


Standing 172cm tall and weighing a touch over 58kgs, Phae falls into the category of a short Elf. Her very pale complexion and pointed ears concealed by her long black-purple hair are the only real hints to her elvish origins.

Phae would be considered beautiful to any casual observer, but something undefinably off about her appearance tends to make people more uncomfortable over time. Easily her most noticeable feature are her eyes, normally a very dull grey with the obvious details of being very high quality cyberware. Most unsettling is how they seem to follow people around the room, with people indifferent locations believing they are being watched at the same time. Their colour changes rapidly based on her will or emotions; from a calming deep blue to a bright glowing red that those who have worked with her have learnt to fear.

Her standard attire consists of a base form-fitting leather suit. This is further augmented by elegant decorations made of pure titanium, providing both protection and class. It appears to “flicker” subtly as it moves, and can change colour and design at the will of its wearer. Fused and concealed in its neck lining is a large metal disk that can expand rapidly into a full faced helmet, taking on the pattern and design of the rest of the suit. Everything down to the visor itself can be modified design wise, and it includes advanced sound processing and a microphone for easy communication. The left arm of the suit differs from the rest, consisting of an almost complete titanium weave glove. This is to provide extra strength to the suit for the cyber-arm it covers, which is many magnitudes of power greater than the rest of her body.

Phae’s equipment consists of an average side pack attached to her waist, holding a range of tools for quickly “accessing” areas she probably shouldn’t be. Alongside this are 3 spare clips and a large silenced handgun, concealed amongst the armours decorations. Finally she wears a large blade across her back. While obviously taking inspiration from a Katana, the blade differs with black modern detailed handle, no hand guard, and an obvious double edge. Most strikingly, though, is the colour. When wielded the blade edges and handle details glow to match Phae’s eyes, leaving large streaks of light as it cuts effortlessly through the air and prey alike.

Finally (and maybe most importantly) is her bike. Custom made by the Shiawase Corporation, it bears no manufacture badging or identification number. The extremely sleek racing style and matte black scheme is just enough for it to turn heads, but not enough for it to be remembered beyond that. If more subtly is required, it has the same adaptive colour scheme that the rest of Phae’s equipment contains, meaning if required it can essentially vanish, or create an obvious distraction. In a pinch, the concealed Assault Rifle and Grenade Launcher can also achieve this goal.


Despite her size, Phae’s presence is unmistakable; due in part to how she looks and dresses, but there is also a hint of aura about her. People tend to listen to her more intently than normal, but it also gives them a very uneasy feeling. Not one to mess around, she can very easily shift moods from calm to viciously angry with little provocation. Though this can be hard to tell due to her to her very focussed face, her eyes almost always give away just how she is feeling.

Phae has very little regard for human (or meta-human) life, seeing everyone as little more than tools for her survival. She will not hesitate to kill anyone or anything, from a thug Troll to an innocent child. This complete lack of any kind of empathy also means she does not hold back on threats, and as such, will treat all who threaten her the same. Once she starts fighting, she has been known to continue far beyond what is sane. In fact, the only thing she has ever shown to have any real connection with is the artificial personality of her bike.

Despite her complete non-difference to everyone around her, she is not afraid to use her looks and words to get what she wants. Almost like another personality taking over, she is able to drop the serious emotionless façade she normally wears to become an extremely caring individual, giving all those around her a sense of security and warmth. The exact nature of this change is completely unknown, whether it’s the real her; a very well-practiced act; or something more sinister. Whatever the cause, anyone who works with her knows that this change can reverse just as rapidly, so to always stay on edge.


Originally repossessed by the Shiawase Corporation, Phae grew up never knowing her real parents. Originally planned to be disposed of when it was discovered she had a very weak immune system, and therefore being a waste of resources to train and integrate, she was saved by the head of the company’s cyberware research division. It was argued that a disposable asset such as her could be used to test new development and integration techniques without risking more promising individuals. And so a childhood of nothing but pain and suffering began.

Her body was almost completely transformed by the multitude of muscle grafts and toners, new experimental reaction enhancers where installed, and even her eyes replaced. The most brutal change came when she was 17 years old. Her left arm was removed and a new type of synthetic replacement was installed. This played havoc with her already weak immune system, making even the most simple disease near fatal, and drastically affecting her body’s ability to rest.

Fortunately, she had proven herself an asset to the company. While the enhancements she had received where all successful, most failed when implanted in far more suitable subjects. As such, she was trained to be part of the corporate espionage program, and when her new arm almost destroyed her, a special chemically and environmentally sealed body suit was built for her, allowing her to continue work for the company.

In her early 20s, Phae started the job she had been modified and trained for her entire life. At the disposal of the company, she was tasked with many of assignments the most would find unappealing and just plain wrong. Mostly wet-work, the constant barrage of horrific encounters, combined with a life of intense pain dulled her emotions and sense of morality.

After approximately six years of this, everything changed. What seemed like a simple job ended in tragedy when one of the members of the team she was working with snapped, executing two other allies without warning or hesitation. Phae managed to escape with the help of the final surviving colleague, but the event forever caused her to loose trust in all those around her. Phae went into hiding, under the assumption that her employer believed her dead. Left with nothing but the belongings she had at the time, Phae quickly turned to running; finding it a perfect starting point for her desire to manipulate and fight her way to power.

From: Unknown – Grew up moving between Seattle and Osaka
Family: Unknown – Removed from their care shortly after birth
Ethnicity: Caucasian Elf (Potential Dryad)
Appearance: Short height (for an Elf), long black-purple hair, pale completion, light to average build, obvious cyber-eyes
Clothes: Leather base with elaborate titanium decorations. Has a very distinctive high-tech style and custom fit. Smart-linked fold away riding/combat helmet.
Quirks: Large scar across right shoulder. Bullet wound scar to the left side of abdomen. Eyes appear to shift colour based on mood, or the need to manipulate people. Gives off a constant sense of trustworthiness, but in a very unnerving way (magic?).
Active Skills: Life of training form Shiawase Corporation.
Knowledge Skills: Cultural requirements, training.
Equipment: Given/forced upon by Shiawase Corporation.
Lives: Safehouse buried deep in a class B area of Seattle. Exact location vague and difficult to pin down with explicit directions.
Contacts: Cyberware expert originally responsible for maintaining and installing her upgrades. Last surviving member of her original strike team.
Enemies: No one notable (or still alive).
Magic: Nothing proven or tangible. Unknown if manipulation abilities are undetectable passive magic or a never before seen form of Bioware.
Likes: Killing, power, her bike.
Dislikes: Wasting time, having her authority questioned, survivors.
Morals: I don’t understand the question.
Goals: Power
Personal Beliefs: Everyone and everything is expendable, nothing more than a tool to be used and discarded.
Personality Quirks: Can be quick to resort to violence and struggles to stop once the killing starts. Extremely manipulative.
Why she Runs: Money, power, influence
Roles: Assassin, Tactical expert, Stealth, Face

Phae Avison

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