Shadowrun: Frangible Reputation

The first arrest

+14 Hours:
Well followers, the Shadowrunners weren’t in the hotel for long. They’ve just come back out and piled into their vehicles again. Unfortunately I have no idea where they are going, I’m totally strapped for creds and favours and I’ve been tailing these guys all night. I’m gonna take the rail back to my penthouse and sleep on it. I’ve attached some images and descriptions of the guys here so if any other fans want to take up the cause, we have to make sure these guys don’t go after Maria again.


HoiPolloi: Take the rail eh? Why don’t you have your private driver come pick you up? Or maybe your personal jet. You are so full of it.

Maria4Eva: gd work OP! u may not b rly #1, bt u sure went the distance 4 our babe tonite!
StreetJak: I don’t give two shits about your washed up starlet, but I saw those pics before the page went down and I bet my deck that me and my boys saw your Shadowrunners tonight. At one of the entrances to the Ork Underground (not saying exactly where), us deckers and our avatars were relieving those idiot tourists and goblin thugs of their nuyen. They were swinging like morons at our avatars so we were fine. Then suddenly our lieutenant gets popped by a rifle, hit by some blast of magic or something, and then the whole place gets filled with tear gas. Most of my boys managed to get out of there, but going by the sirens, I reckon your Runners got nabbed by Knight Errant. Anybody got a line on someone dirty in the force?

Rimjob: Woah, getting into a gang fight and sticking around for the sirens? These have gotta be the worst Runners I’ve ever heard about!

Tuzks @StreetJak: Yo, digital fuckstick, that was your crew tonight? We know some guys who can back trace you from here. Y’all and your den are fucked within 24 hours. Peace.

Illuminutty: I keep tabs and have ears at every street level Knight Errant facility. Gotta keep your eyes open in all this corruption, y’know? Anyway, one of the greased palms I got sent me notes from the interviews they had with the Runners. Either they’re amazingly stupid or great at faking it, but they gave nothing away. The pigs, however, are after some pirate smuggler or something (apparently if I want all the details I’ve gotta triple my usual bribe). Whatever the case, Knight Errant are releasing them. They should be back on the street by now. If they’re after what Knight Errant are after then they’ll be going back to the Underground.

The_Goblin_King: I’ve got a nephew who does “tours” down here. I’ll see if I can get him to tag along with them and get more info.

NetFreaks: This comment string is a fuckload more interesting than Mercurio ever was.

A concert to remember

0 hours:
Oi Followers! Welcome to another evening with Maria Mercurial’s number 1 fan! Hot news tonight, you’re hearing it here first. Our favourite diva will be performing an unscheduled performance at Underworld 93 tonight! Naturally yours truly has the connections for standing room at the front row already.

+6 hours:
Here she comes, speak to you again after her set!

+10 hours:
You’re not gonna believe this followers but I just saved our lady’s life! After the show some guy went nuts and pulled a gun, turning some chick, I think it was his girlfriend, into a human shield! Then some magic blast comes flying across the room and some random in a catsuit and mask clocks the guy on the back of the head. Apparently there were some spirits there too but I was too busy guarding Maria with my life! In fact some half drunk Irish guy came my way with a chair (don’t worry I put him down with my MMA badassery).

Instead of following out star and her useless security thugs as they rushed her onto her post performance party bus (like I usually would), I made it my mission to follow these folks the rest of the night. The gunman wasn’t going anywhere but the scary leather chick, the Irishman, some enormous troll chieftain, some slick looking dwarf and some other slicker looking dude I barely saw, left the building without so much as a glance from security.

+12 hours:
I’m currently writing this from the back of a car I broke into as I stakeout the would be assassins. After bickering outside for a while with some dwarf in a suit, the group piled into a van, a hatch back and onto a bike and headed straight for SeaTac! I’m not sure what is happening but the leathery chick has just parked here in short term, looked around, walked around a bit and then rode out. I hope I can get another taxi and stay on them!

+12.5 hours:
No luck yet finding them. But I just saw some limo get pulled over by a bike cop… and what looked like the same hatch back but with cop lights on top! I’m gonna have the driver come back around just in case.

+13.5 hours:
I was right followers! They were definitely pretending to be cops. Apparently whatever they were doing led them to Mulvihill Hotel now. I’m getting a bit strapped for nuyen so I’m spying from a bush but, it looks like these guys know what they’re doing cause they just brought their whole group and a big box right past that security guard.

I’m not sure everyone, but I think these guys are Shadowrunners!

Food Fight

[[Meredith, Seattle: Even the mob hates clowns]]
Tensions in Seattle’s criminal underworld appear to have increased dramatically last night, following a brazen raid by heavily-armed enforcers on a McHough’s restaurant that left four dead and over half a dozen helpless customers suffering from the aftermath of contact with military-grade tear gas during what is assumed to be a revenge killing for an abduction. Despite apparent corruption of the video feeds, eye-witness reports have tentatively linked the operation to the so-called “Vory y Zakone”, a Russian ex-patriate gang famed for their brutality and cunning. Experts at Knight Errant’s Organised Crime Unit have declined to provide an official statement, however NewsNet sources have indicated that the restaurant in question may have been a front for the Italian Mafia. Speculation is also rife that the store will be closed, following the wide spread of a gory image of the deceased owner (Vincenzo Fratelli) posed sitting beside the McHough’s mascot.


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